Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking Ahead

I've been so busy working on some new pieces
for the New Year.
I'm hoping to have 12 new Steampunk Prints
and 12 new Tree Art Prints
ready by the 1st.
I may start listing the pieces

Jaime got me a bunch of new canvas and some new paints
for Christmas...
I won't actually be able to get started on new paintings
until after the 1st...but
I'll have some new paintings shortly after.
I plan on painting a lot more abstract and contemporary
tree art and nature paintings
and only a handful of character pieces.

A few changes to the way I will be doing things
beginning in 2012...
I will sign the 5x7 and 8x10 prints only on request but,
I will continue to sign, date and number
the Large Limited Edition prints.

I've already combined the 5x7 and 8x10 prints into one section
in my Shop
and I will list the new Collections in separate sections.

I will begin ending the items in the Clearance Sale Section
today through New Year's Eve. Prices
have been lowered again...
in case anyone is
With family activities this week-end...I want to have
as many of these items cleared as possible
by New Year's Eve.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season.
Things have been pretty busy at my house...
I managed to get all packages that were purchased prior to the 21st
in the mail and on their way..
hopefully in time for Christmas.
Now I need to get busy and get the rest of the orders
packaged and mailed.

My youngest son, moved to North Dakota right before Christmas last year...
surprised me by showing up at my door early morning Christmas Eve.
So all six kids were home for Christmas this year...
but we ended up having to call 911 Christmas night
because my poor 'baby' got so sick he threw up for two hours straight.
He had to go to the E.R. and get two units of fluid.

He's fine now...but I've been a little 'squishy' I'm taking the
day to just kind of stay put...

I should be printing and packing...but I'll have to wait and do that tomorrow.

My 'Guardians of Everlast' iPhone cases on Zazzle
were a big hit over the Holiday Season...
I was very pleased at how many of those were sold..
and they are continuing to sell:)

All in all...I've had a wonderful Christmas
and really looking forward to the New Year...
I'll be listing a lot of new pieces come January...
several new digital Steampunk pieces
will be previewed in my next post.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Print Changes and Clearance SALE

I have made some changes to print sizes
in the Shop...
the only 5" x 7" prints I am leaving will be
my Creeper pieces and some of the
'storybook' prints...

My girls have all been 'bumped up' to 8" x 10" sizes.
I find that I personally prefer the 5"x7" sizes...I think I find them 'cuter'
in those sizes...
but the collectors prefer the larger 8" x 10"
I wanted to make those changes before the first of the year.
Depending on image quality...
unfortunately I didn't save the early Creeper painting pics
at large enough pixels to offer anything over a 5" x 7" print...
so those will stay the same...
or be retired.

But...with the exception of Large Limited Edition prints and a handful of mini prints...
I will no longer offer my art in both the 5" x 7" and 8" x 10"
for the same print,
it will be one or the other.

With this in mind...
any 5" x 7"s that had also been offered as 8" x 10"s
are now in my
for a very limited time, as
I want to clear this section by the first of the year.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Handpainted Canvas Art Covers

My art covers went over really big last year...
this year..
not so much. is the last day for the covers
and I won't be offering them in the future.

They just take too much time and work...
which I really need for so many other things.

If you want can get it here.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Zodiac Ornaments

I guess my mind has been on a thousand
other things...
trying to figure out what I wanted to do in the New Year.
I meant to show these Zodiac I'm really happy with
how they look...I think I'll order the entire set
throughout this next year, to have for myself.

I did one for each Zodiac Sign...with my girls...
and they are available in my
Rustic Goth Zazzle Shop.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What the New Year will bring in my Etsy Shop

I've made some decisions on what I will be carrying in my
Etsy Shop.

I will keep my two panel,
Alice in Wonderland - Encore painting..
Jar of Hearts painting,
most of my tree paintings and bird paintings.
Most everything else is already in my
and will be offered for only a little while longer.

I won't be painting as many character paintings,
again...the vision thing...but I will expand my painting line
I'll just be doing a lot more 'experimental' me anyway...paintings.
Hopefully these will sell fast enough that my storage space...
or the lack of it...
doesn't become a problem for me.

I'll be 'retiring' a lot of prints in the New Year,
I just haven't completely decided which ones yet.

I will be combining the 5" x 7" and 8" x 10" prints
into one section called,
Small Prints
and expanding my line of Large Limited Edition prints.

Calendars will be available until right after
the New Year.

The art covers will be discontinued in just a few days
and I won't be offering them in the future.
They just take too much time...
and like the wearable art, with my vision,
I just can't work on these small pieces anymore.

My daughter, Wendy, has agreed to take over
my wearable art line...and Jaime's..
and offer them in our 'partnership' Etsy Shop..

Wendy has a full time job as contact center manager
for a major insurance company...and a family...
so she doesn't have a lot of free time...
but she has helped so often in the past, that we talked
and decided it was time she actually got something for her efforts.
She was willing to do them for us to offer in our own shops,
we decided that this would give the 'Boutique' a bit
of the 'jump start' that it needs (hopefully)
and give her a little something extra...
with three kids
she needs that extra all too often!

I'm hoping to have some of the wearable art listed in her shop
by the end of the week-end. the New Year...
my Rustic Goth Etsy Shop
will be devoted primarily to new style paintings
and select prints.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last day for Rustic Goth Wearable Art

 I think I have mentioned
that I will be discontinuing my
wearable art line
in my Etsy Shop.

Thursday is the last day I will offer
wearable art in any of my shops.

Truth eyesight isn't what it used to be...
and it's getting more difficult for me to see
what I'm I'm discontinuing it completely.

Thanks so much to everyone who purchased or admired
these fun little pieces. I do so appreciate you:)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Change gonna Come...

"Change gonna come"
to my Rustic Goth Etsy Shop.

I have stressed about this for several weeks now...
what to do with my Etsy Shop?
Should I keep the Shop name...Rustic Goth...or
change it to something else?
Should I clear everything out and start brand new?

What to do...what to do?

I've decided I'm keeping the Shop Name...
I guess I'm rather 'attached' to it...
most of what I currently offer
is 'going away'.
At least it's going away from my
Etsy Shop.

I'll be moving my Melancholy Girls, Steampunks,
and Zodiac Girls
to my Rustic Goth Zibbet Shop.
Currently I have a 50 item max in that shop,
so I'll have to pick and choose
which pieces to offer.
(If that site picks up, I'll pay for the premium account
and list more...but I have to see what happens
before I commit to paying a monthly premium.)

My whimsical art prints and creeper prints
are going to find a home in my
Bonanza Shop.

Wearable art and handpainted art covers
will be discontinued after the Holidays...
and I won't be doing those on any of the sites.
I've already done away with the bookmarks...and don't think
I'll be offering them anywhere in the future.

I'm going back to 'basics'.
In my 'eBay' days I made a dandy little living
from my abstracts, tree art paintings...etc.
so I've decided to get back to what used to work.

I'll keep a handful of my signature character and fairytale paintings...
in my Etsy Shop...
I just won't be doing new character pieces as often.

I'm still not fully committed on what prints I'll offer
in my Etsy Shop yet...
and I won't be making the drastic changes all at once.
(I don't want to have an empty shop...
I wished I could afford to take a month long vacation
and reopen with all new stuff...)

(( a perfect world))

Anyway...change gonna come to my Shop
and my Art in 2012
and I am rather excited about them!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shipping Deadlines

Holiday Shoppers - Order Deadlines for Shipping
(International and APO/ Military purchases can no longer be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas!)

All international orders  last day shipping of December 9th.

APO/ Military orders  last day shipping of December 10th.

Domestic US orders  last day shipping of December 21st.

Calendar order deadlines have passed to arrive in time for Christmas.

Wearable art order deadlines have also passed to insure delivery prior to Christmas, as all wearable art is made to order.

Any orders placed after these dates cannot be guaranteed to ship in time for Christmas, though I will do my best.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Changes in 2012

Everyone who has read many of my posts know that
I depend on my art to keep myself going..
physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

With this in mind...and the fact that 2011 wasn't exactly
a 'banner' year for me...
I've decided to make several significant changes in 2012.

First...I will be doing a lot more 'wall decor' paintings
than character paintings.
I understand that more folks are into original pieces they can
put on their walls as decorative pieces...than pieces that have
sweet little characters in them.
So....these pieces will become fewer and farther between.

Second....I'm retiring some of my all time favorite pieces.
Anything that is over a year being retired
from my Etsy Shop.

I'll retire my prints in I usually do...
and probably won't start until after the first of the year.
I'm still considering whether or not to continue to carry wearable art
in my shop...
perhaps I'll just make it a seasonal thing...
or do away with it all together.
I still haven't completely made my mind up about that.

I will be doing a brand new blog.
I won't do away with this one...I've had it far too long
and it feels like a comfortable pair of shoes...
but I'm working on better marketing, branding and the such...
and in so doing...I'll need to put together something
that speaks to those efforts.

I'll keep everyone up to date on the changes
as they 'unfold'.

Friday, December 2, 2011

What's New for Year's End Rustic Goth Etsy

I brought back my bookmarks
by request...
but they are honestly just not working out
in my Etsy Shop.
Since there is a fee to list, relist and renew each item on Etsy...
having the bookmarks in my shop is no longer cost
effective for me.
I'm not doing away with them completely...
I'm just moving them all to a shop that doesn't charge
any listing fees.

They are currently in my 'clearance' section...
with a few soon to be retired prints...and small OSWOA paintings.
I'll probably leave them there until they sell or the listings expire.

Today is actually the last day these will be available..
so sorry.
I've had to tend to a family emergency situation
and bookmarks are the only thing I carry
that it is necessary for me to have to finish
outside of my home...

I'll be doing quite a bit of 
'house cleaning'
throughout the month of December.
I am hoping to 2012...
and I'll be 'retiring' a lot of the prints that have
been 'standards' for several years...
I'm looking forward to a lot of new ideas and creations
in the coming year:)