Friday, December 2, 2011

What's New for Year's End Rustic Goth Etsy

I brought back my bookmarks
by request...
but they are honestly just not working out
in my Etsy Shop.
Since there is a fee to list, relist and renew each item on Etsy...
having the bookmarks in my shop is no longer cost
effective for me.
I'm not doing away with them completely...
I'm just moving them all to a shop that doesn't charge
any listing fees.

They are currently in my 'clearance' section...
with a few soon to be retired prints...and small OSWOA paintings.
I'll probably leave them there until they sell or the listings expire.

Today is actually the last day these will be available..
so sorry.
I've had to tend to a family emergency situation
and bookmarks are the only thing I carry
that it is necessary for me to have to finish
outside of my home...

I'll be doing quite a bit of 
'house cleaning'
throughout the month of December.
I am hoping to 2012...
and I'll be 'retiring' a lot of the prints that have
been 'standards' for several years...
I'm looking forward to a lot of new ideas and creations
in the coming year:)

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