Monday, March 30, 2009

Art For Cancer

ART for cancer on ImageKind

Some months ago, I signed up with Imagekind and offer several of my favorite CMZart prints through their services. One of my favorite features at Imagekind, is that you can order a print on gallery wrapped canvas, which makes it seem very much like the original. can order a print matted and framed. Very cool!

I recently joined a group..Art for Cancer...on Imagekind. This is a group of artists who donate a portion of their net sales, to help in the fight against cancer.

I totally believe in this cause...I went through it personally..and I know what the needs are..and how much these needs cost!

For this reason...I have chosen to donate 50% of the net sales...of ALL of the pieces I have listed there...(I PROMISE) Cancer Fund of America

I remember having to make choices between...paying the lite bill..or prescriptions..or the items no-one would ever consider (but cost a crap ton of money.)
It was already a stressful enough time...and while the people at the lite company, as well as those at the pharmacy, might 'sympathize' with your dilemma, but they still need their money!

Anyway....I will probably offer one or two of my Rustic Goth pieces, in the coming weeks, over on my CMZart Imagekind Shop....and 50% of all of my net sales will be sent to Cancer Fund of America on a quarterly basis, (net sales won't really be that much, so I'll send my donations quarterly, so they don't seem as pitiful.)

I'm also considering running one or two pieces, in my Etsy Shop, that I donate 50% of the net sales, to CFoA. I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile..maybe this will provide the 'push' I've been needing.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

WimsyFolkArtist aka Spooky Hallow

The WimsyFolkArtist

a.k.a. Spooky Hallow

is having a contest over on her

You could win this wonderfully


charm bracelet!

I LOVE her characters!!!

They are so delightfully charming...for little 'spooks'!

Drop into her blog

for a visit


you'll find the details

of how you

can win

this little bracelet!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

An 'apology' to my blog friends!

This is kind of how I've been feeling lately...
I have spent so much time
working on so many other projects..
that I've not only NOT had
time to devote to my art...I've also
not been able to read
any blogs...for a bit now!
This is something I really enjoy doing...
I always try to visit everyone who
visits me...
to see what you're 'up to'
and what's going on in your lives.
(I don't always 'comment'...but I do visit!)
Doing this 'relaxes' me...
and I am Needing some relaxation...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coming Soon...

I just can't

'take it anymore'!

I've GOT to paint SOMETHING!!!


I'm going to spend this week-end...

doing a bit of painting!

Good Lord...

it's been a while...

hopefully I still know how!

I hope I can have

some new pieces

in the Shop on Sunday or Monday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I'm 'Up' To... seems there are no new "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" - Sims videos to post -- so, I'll give those a 'rest' for a while.
I didn't 'consider' the fact that the movie is supposed to come out in July...and for those folks who..don't read the books but, catch all the movies...perhaps they don't know what takes place the last part of this book. So, I won't give it away either. bring everyone up to date...on what I've been 'up' to...I've decided to split my work time between my art...and my other new 'job'. It's taken a couple months of 'learning' but, as that is 'wrapping up', I'll begin to have more time, so that I can get back to creating some new paintings, etc.
I know that I've had sooo many requests to put my art on this site and on that this show and that one...that I've been somewhat 'overwhelmed'. I've 'promised' to check some of these out but, I've had so little time to get to all of the requests! (At this point, I'm not seeing how I can possibly manage anything new with my art.)

About all I can say, at this that I should have some brand new paintings within the next couple of weeks...I'm really 'needing' to do some new pieces...I need an 'outlet'!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm taking 'vacation'

I've been under a little more than my usual amount of stress lately.
So...Sunday...we're doing all of the 'last minute stuff' to get ready for
the 'Pendant Party' we were having...and my stress levels rose a bit
high for my 'liking.'

Well...long story short...for the moment, I was pretty much OVER all
things 'art related', as if she doesn't already have more on her plate
than she can already manage, Jaime decides...she will 'man' my Rustic Goth
Etsy Shop for the week. And...even though I really didn't want to pile
more work on top of her full load...
I let her.

I'm taking the week off...and not really doing much with it so far!

But...who knows...maybe just a little bit of 'doing whatever I feel like
doing' will spark some of the creative embers that seem to be trying
to go out! I hope so!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince -- 13 and 14

For some reason You Tube removed chapter 13, so that chapter can be viewed here. I watched the video and it was good...I didn't want to download it onto my computer, so I opted just to include the link for anyone who was interested.

The video chapter 14.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A quick Note and Harry Potter JBP 11

I do hope that I'm not totally 'irritating' folks that are coming to see if I've put anything new on in a while. With the whole 'economy' thing going's best right now to stick with items that we can 'peddle' locally, for the most part. See..I do have to put a roof over my head and items like, gas and electricity tend to get put off...and I don't know that I could stand taking cold, when the going gets tough...well...we do what we have to do to keep ourselves going.

In the meantime...I'm hoping that these little Harry Potter Sims videos are providing SOMEONE with a little and there. I know it works for me!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Half Blood Prince -- 9 -- Translated

I could only find 'Half Blood Prince' Chapter another language. It is translated, so you'll know what they're saying. It's a little different...kind of fun, actually!

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