Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm Cheating....

Okay...I'm cheating...
I did a batch of prints that I took
from a couple of paintings
that I still have listed.

The 'White Rabbit'
is actually a combo of the rabbit in the
two pieces
'Alice and the White Rabbit'
'I'm Late'.

'Mad Hatter'

'Cheshire Cat'


have all been taken from
'Alice and the Mad Hatter'.

I'm planning to do a postcard pack
the four 'Alice and the Mad Hatter'
in the next few days.
I want to print them and see how they come out first.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Some new Original Dark Art Prints!

"Woodland Mystic"

"Raven Wood"
Here are a couple of my newest ORIGINAL Dark Art Prints.
I am very pleased with how both of these pieces
turned out...
though it took me 'forever'.
Since my 'main' computer is still down...I don't
have Photoshop...
so I had to do both of these on GIMP.
Normally....I start my digital pieces with GIMP
and then finish them up with
Photoshop...still...I think they both came out
really nice.
I've got them both listed in the Shop.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I think it's Time!

It's getting to be that time of year
when I look through the listings in my
and decide which pieces I want to 'retire'....
I still haven't done that...but I'll be doing it soon!
It's also that time that I MUST think about
the upcoming Holidays...
it's important for the upcoming well as my online shops...
in the coming weeks
I plan to have some brand new 'stuff'...
especially for the Holidays.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thinking Christmas!

I used this image....minus the 'black snow flakes'
and 'Santa Hat...on some of my
Halloween products...
especially this cute little
now I'm
"thinking Christmas"
turned this cute little image
into this Christmas Card.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Someone gave me some wood.

Someone gave me some wood at the last
art/craft show....and I turned
it into these little pieces.

I decided to 'experiment' with the two
'Alice' pieces...
to see which Alice was most 'popular'...
the first Alice has more hearts in my shop
but the second Alice has more
"in person" votes.
Which one do you like best?

I just did the
'Cooking Snow White' I wanted to give this little SW
a 'calmer' appearance...
even if she is standing next to the nasty
'Evil Queen'

Finally...there's Dorothy and Elphaba....
I think Elphaba is 'tragically misunderstood'....
she wasn't as popular as Glenda...
and I think she has self-esteem issues.
I'm thinking I want to do more pieces featuring her...

Monday, October 26, 2009

My postcards are mini-prints.

My postcards aren't "really" postcards...
they're more like
I do like the mini-prints...but, I think I'd rather
find a printer that can actually
print me some 'real' a price
that I can afford to pay!
I'm toying with the notion of giving
they've got some special deals
going on right now,
so it seems like a good time
to see what the quality of their
postcards is like.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cooking Snow White

Here is the finished
commissioned painting...

"Cooking Snow White".

It took some doing to get it
off my ailing computer and onto
a hosting service...
'here it is'.
I'm not sure what I've done...but the picture isn't uploading at the
correct size...I've tried to correct it but...
I must not know what I'm doing!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I was a "Featured Fantasy Art" Artist

I was the

"Featured Fantasy Art"


in the EBSQ "Spotlight on Fantasy Art"


on October 14th.

Here is a link

to that post.

I am very honored

to be one of the selected

Fantasy Art artists

featured on the EBSQ blog...

there are soooo many wonderful

artists on EBSQ

that you should check out if you get the chance.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Does Anybody Know What Will Happen???

I am..with I am
with cars.
As long as my car has gas in it...I think I am
'good to go'.
And this is knowing that a car also needs
oil, water and oh so many other things...
perhaps this is why I don't have a car
at the moment!
My poor computer is really on it's last leg...
it has been suggested that I try..
restoring it to factory settings.
I know that I will lose all of my pictures...etc.
if Ido this...
does anybody know what will happen to the
pictures I've uploaded on
my blogs...
and the many...many...many...
different sites that I am part of????
Before I do anything so 'drastic' as
a 'factory restore'
I need to be sure that my pictures
will not just 'disapperar'.
if anybody can help...
I would so greatly appreciate it!

'Black Widow' A.K.A. "First Snow"

"Black Widow"

Greenpixey left me a comment

"When will the "first snow" picture be listed on your etsy shop?

I'm considering purchasing it and cant find it for sale :)"

and I thought I would write a quick post
about this piece...

I listed a 'revised' version of
"First Snow"
that I titled "Black Widow"
in my
Rustic Goth Shop.

I never did list the


'First Snow'!

I did save the original version

if you prefer 'First Snow'
'Black Widow'...

you can get it
right here.

It's a 5" x 7" print

(just like the ones listed in my Etsy Shop)

For convenience...

I have added a 'drop down' option

to the PayPal button...

that include price with shipping to

US...Canada...and Everywhere Else.

"First Snow"

5x7 Print with Shipping

I've Been 'Away' know...

I've been having some major

computer and connectivity issues

over the past few months.

Well...when both of these issues

hit me at the same time...


I felt very isolated!!

I started having connectivity issues on the 12th... computer pretty much 'petered out' on the 15th! I am...working on Jaime's old computer
(the space bar doesn't like to work) least the computer is in working condition.
I kept getting the 'blue screen'
then having to start in 'safe mode'
long story short
I think my poor computer is ready to
'Rest in Peace'.
I need to get the rest of my pictures off of it...
put it in it's bag
store it in my closet.
I have so many pictures on it...
that I hate to just toss it out!
on the 'plus' side..
I did manage to get my
commission painting done and a few new pieces painted.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Working on a commission painting.

This week I'll be rather
I need to finish the
'creepy Snow White'
piece I'm working on...
I'm determined to get it out by the

That means I'll be
'internet absent'.

I'm not sure if I'll take on
any new commission pieces until after
the first of the year.
With the holidays coming...the shows...
a busier season online...
I may not have time.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

New In Shop

It's been a busy day
taking photos and trying to
get a few new
pieces listed in the Shop.

So...while I have a
minute or two...
I thought I'd post a quick
"shop update"

If they're not already listed...
I will have all of these
wearable art pieces
up for sell
by the end of the day

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My new banner...

I'm sure everyone has noticed
that I made a new
for this blog.

It turned out pretty well..I think.
I photoshopped my sad ragdoll in the swing
and one of my little owls
onto my 'Twilight' piece....
and ended up with a pretty cool banner.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A preview of some new 'stuff'.

Here's a new
'Red Riding Hood'
and a new
'Alice in Wonderland'.

I'm taking these to the show...
since I don't really have
time to list them
I suspect they'll probably sell at the show...
you never know.
(It's supposed to snow this week-end....I hope not!)

Here's my lovely
'Resting' a 'wearable art pendant.'
This is going to the show
as well...
check the shop next week though...
I am saving back a few pieces...
our pendants sold very well
at the last show...
and we've got a number of folks that have
committed to coming to this next
just for the "wearable art".

The first "Ophelia" mirrors...
this print really came out quite exquisite...
and it IS in the shop.

My 'Twilight' mirror...
also another 'first'...isn't in the shop yet...
but I'll try to get it in
before the week-end.

I've got more mirrors and a couple other
art pendants pictured
on Flickr.
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coming Soon

We are almost done with a new batch
'wearable art' pendants.
We're doing most of them for this next
week-end's show...
I plan to list a few
in my shop...

I'll be listing those
later this week...or early next week.

Also...on the way...I've finally ordered
a new batch of
pocket mirrors.
I ordered half of the mirrors
for the show
and the other half...
for the shop.
Those will be listed,
by the week-end.

The shop listings
depend on how far behind
I am at getting
everything ready for the show...
not to mention
the commission painting I'm
working on at the same time.

So sorry...I failed to mention WHAT show
we will be doing this week-end...
It's the
"Seasons of Crafts"
at the
Lancaster Event Center.

If you click directly onto the can get a map if you need one.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

She Dreams of Art

Jessica Moreau-Berry is a very talented
she does some of the coolest jewelry ever...
check out
her Etsy Shop...
Junque Revival.

She's also a writer and has a monthly
column called...
"She Dreams of Art"
where she features brief little
bio type articles on several artists
the first Sunday of each month.

This month
I am one of the featured artists in her column.
With so many talented artists on the 'net'...
I am quite flattered to be
one of the artists featured in her column.

Check out her column
and her blog...
I found both to be very entertaining
and informative.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Today's BEST Award

Okay...I got the award on September 29th...
but, I've been so darned busy that I hadn't checked
my Rustic Goth email for a couple of days.
The "Today's Best Award"
was on this

I have no idea how one receives the award...but
I am quite flattered!

If you get a chance to check
it out.
It's on my Rustic Goth Zazzle site
and you can see it here.

And..if you like it...and you've a 'mind' to give it another
that would be so very nice.

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