Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 I've got plans to do a number of  "Poe inspired"
paintings in the coming weeks.
I've already done some small 4" x 4" Poe paintings like
"The Gold Bug" shown here.
I had some frames that I've held on to for some time
and decided to do pieces that would fit the frames and offer 
the little paintings framed and ready to hand.

I also have pieces based on...
still available in my Rustic Goth Etsy Shop.

To add to pieces like...
which is a digital painting...
I am working on some Acrylic Canvas paintings based on Fairytales by
The Brothers Grimm
Hans Christian Andersen.
I have completed a Grimm inspired piece,
shown here...
and I'm almost done with Andersen's
"Little Mermaid".

Saturday, February 16, 2013

This Blog....

I'm sure you've probably already noticed that I
changed my blog banner...
and put it back to it's original name.

I have blogs for both of my 'styles'

and each blog is more narrow in scope
to the shops lined
with the different 'brands'.

"This blog" will be my usual
nonsensical ramblings with updates to both brands.

I will start first by only posting once a week
on Another Painting Blog...
and we'll see how that goes.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Magazine Interview...

I don’t know how I feel
"letting the cat out of the bag"
this early on...
and I don't usually make announcements
on something that isn’t already available...or about to be… 
but, I feel good about this one

I just completed an interview with one of the Senior Writers
and will be featured in Issue 40 of Gothic Beauty Magazine.

Gothic Beauty is a quarterly magazine and 
Issue 40 is their Summer 2013 issue.

It will be available at such places as…
Barnes & Noble, Hastings, F.Y.E., 
Suncoast, Chapters (Canada), 
Walden Books, 
Book World, Sheltam Books 
and Copperfield’s Books.

The interview and pictures of my art will cover at least two pages…
needless to say…
I’m very excited 
about this wonderful opportunity and will definitely 
have to get
a few copies!!
I’ll post an update as soon as the magazine is in the stands!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Giveaway for my Rustic Goth Blog Followers

I am sending these four valentines as digital files
via WeTransfer...
to any of my followers
who send me their
email address
so I have someplace to send them.

These are high resolution images that you can
download and print or send to whoever you
want to send a Valentine to.