Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Arrabella...A New Dark Art Print

This is
She's especially fond of
spiders and scorpions.

She's also my newest
dark art print.

I have her listed in my

Now I'm off to work on a new commission piece...
it's a dark take on
"Snow White and the 7 Dwarves."

A New Piece

Here's one of my latest
It's not yet listed...since I can't,
for the life of me,
figure out what to call it.

It's been a while since I've done any
digital originals...
and this piece kept me up
far past my bedtime..
no wonder I haven't come up
with a title yet.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I have SHOES

I have SHOES in my
Rustic Goth Zazzle Shop!

I think they all turned out really great...
and I'm planning on making a bunch

Zazzle has to approve all of the designs
before they post...
so they take a bit to show up.
But...I'm thinking that I want to
do several new designs every week.

I know that I want to buy some of
these for myself...now I'll have
to "pick and choose"
which designs I would most like to have:)

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Across The Universe

I got a good look at this painting
at our last show
and I was quite fascinated.

I had seen photos of Jaime's pieces
with the
"paper swans"
but didn't realize
until looking at one of her paintings
"up close"
that the paper swans were "origami".
I just
"fell in love" with them.

So I'm giving her
and her paintings
"Across the Universe..Pt 1"
2 Thumbs UP!!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Trick or Treat!

I have really neglected my
Rustic Goth Zazzle Shop
in recent months.

So for the past week or so...
(yes I really should be working on my next show)
on adding some new items
to my Zazzle Shop.

I created this sweet little
"Trick or Treat" bag
for the shop!

Currently have one other...
that is quite affordable...
you can find that one

Check them out...
and I'd sure appreciate it
if you would
vote on these items for me.
Thanks so much!
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweeney and Jack

The "Sweeney and Jack" commission piece
is finished.
I have painted the edges and varnished
the painting.
Now I have just to wire it...wrap it...and get it shipped.

I'm waiting for my box order...
dratted...I thought I had the right sized boxes...
and I didn't!

I'll be happy to get this piece to the collector....

I haven't resized the other pics....but I'll probably
post them later tonight or tomorrow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A different approach

I just completed a new print for the

This is a bit different for me as,
I created the "Moon and Stars"
art doll was about a month ago....
for the Fair.
I've only just created the art piece that goes with the doll,
usually it's the other way around.
So this is a "first" for me...
to create a digital painting based on a doll...

I rather like how it turned out and maybe I'll do
a few other pieces using my
dolls as inspiration.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Special "requests"..

There is a good reason I don't take too many
"special requests"...
for one thing..
I become a real b**** until the 'request' is finally
for another...
I will NEVER EVER get the 'request' to the point
that I am 100% completely happy with it...
so..to save myself a little stress...
I usually don't take on these 'requests'.

I'm not sure why in the world
I agreed..
not only to take on a "special request"
but to take on one that is
24" x 48"...
that's another thing I NEVER do...
work on canvas that is almost as tall as me!

But...I agreed...and I am
almost done with it!

Of course...I could keep the painting forever
and never be completely satisfied with it...
that's my nature...
but, I have determined that TODAY is the
I will be finished with
"Sweeney and Jack".

I photoshopped my 'idea' before I started painting...
see the pic above...
now with a few 'tweaks'
I am ready to edge and varnish
and get it in the mail.

Then...I have another piece...
just an 11 x 14...
(which will seem like nothing
compared to the 24 x 48)
and I'll have all my
"special requests"
completed and out of here.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am 'forcing' myself to take a quick break
from all of the work I have to do...
and write a quick note on this blog.

I've put the first 'postcard pack' in
my Etsy Shop.
There will be more coming...as soon as I
can take the time to choose just the right
pieces to offer.

I am in the middle of working on the two
commission pieces...wished they were further along.
Doing commission pieces is not something
I do very often....I prefer doing whatever
'moves me at the moment'.
But...one of the pieces I'm working on is such a
for me that I couldn't say no.

There will be some original ACEO paintings...I wanted to
do some 'dark fairy tale' pieces to go along with
my dolls...coming soon.
Hopefully I'll have a few to put in my
by the weekend.

I suppose I'd better get back to the
I am also hoping to have those ready to mail,
this week-end,
or the first of next week.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

A few notes...

Here I am at the FAIR...my daughter-in-law caught
me when I wasn't looking.

I think it's taken a week to recover from those 11 very long days...
a little lesson in the pros and cons of doing a show that long...
I'm pretty sure it was my first and last show
of such length.
Our next show is October 10th and 11th...
from 9 to 5...
after 11 days at a show...this show will be easy.

In the meantime...
I'm working on two commission pieces...
one of which is a 24" x 48"...
(I NEVER work on pieces of this size...so it's taking longer than normal.)
I'll post some pics when I finally get it done.

I'm working on some
'Goth Fairy Tale' paintings and dolls...
I'll post these in my
Rustic Goth Shop
but, still take any that don't sell in the shop
to the next show.
We're working on some 'sweet' pumpkins and other
Halloween themed pieces as well.

We're going to have a lot of new
art pendant pieces for the next show too!
Hopefully we'll be able to do enough
to post some new pendants our shops.

So...I'm staying very--very busy!
Look for a lot of brand new paintings...
prints...dolls...pendants...and other
'gothic goodness'
coming soon!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Successful Fair!

Here is Jaime...sitting at our booth!
I took a couple of pictures
while things were slow.
We were set up in the University Basketball arena...you can see
all of the bleacher seats behind her
as well as a few of the wood pieces of the fellow
set up beside us.

Here are photos of some of our
art dolls, art boxes...
some Seasonal Dolls and ornaments
a handful of our postcards.

We had to do a several postcard printings
(and a few prints too)
to keep up with the demand.
and....Our poor art pendant tree is sooo depleted...

I sold almost all of my
'Fairy Tale' art dolls...
so I need to get busy and create some
new ones.

I'm pretty sure we sold 'some' of everything we brought in.

It was a great experience
(although sooo very exhausting....I'm still in recovery mode)
and I'm glad we decided to do the show.
(I'm also glad we won't be doing it next year...
this was the last year the Fair will be
held in Lincoln.)

We're already having to 'gear up' for the next
October 10th and 11th.

I have more pictures to share
in later posts...

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Monday, September 7, 2009

The LAST Day!

Oh my gosh!
It's the last day (we've had a pretty good show thus far)
and I am just finding that we DID have WIFI access
all along.
Apparently the fellow that told us we needed to buy
some kind of access code was "ill-informed".
So...I'm sitting in my booth (as we 'speak') ready for the
show to end.....I am Sooooo Tired!
I will have some show and fair pictures to post in the comings days
and weeks.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Teaming up...

Thank goodness
Jaime had some wonderful pieces
to bring to the Fair.

In spite of the fact that she
has been ill for several months...
she's managed to get quite a few
items for the Fair
while keeping up her Etsy shop.

She finally got an MRI a few days
ago...and she's waiting to find out if it
showed up anything.