Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Change is in the 'air'....

This painting "Off The Wall"...or 'What's Eating Humpty...?' is currently listed for sale on eBay.
What should be one of our very best months has been dismal, so I'm sure few people have actually viewed this little guy. His expression pretty much mirrors my own....so I sense that, 'change is in the air'.
This original painting has been sold. I will be offering a limited edition print on my new Etsy site.
CMZ Art.

Problems at eBay....

Wow...things are a little scary for eBay artists right now. I thought maybe it was just me..and my art.
I guess not.
I know they've been messing around with changes, glitches, and all sorts of 'unannounced' goings on...but, I thought I'd just try to "hang in there" and ride it out. Maybe not.

I decided to visit the artist's discussion boards and see if anyone else was seeing a major slow down in visits and in sales....I'm not the only one. There are a lot of artists on eBay right now who aren't sure how much longer they can hang on. Several of them have lost Power Seller status because their sales weren't enough to maintain PS status.

Others have had to quit featuring as many...and yet others did experiments...with Features and Non Features. Turned out..their non featured items had more hits than their featured items.

It is taking up to six or eight hours after listing for items to show up...and if you have to revise something...it 'disappears' for even more hours. Unfortunately, those hours aren't added on...they're just lost. So..you're paying for visibility that you are not receiving.

As for me........?????....we'll see.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just One More Day

"Just One More Day"....
Funerals have become family 'reunions' for my family. It's about the only time extended family members get together. And, it seems like we're getting together far too often the past few years.
But, now that the funeral...and the 'get together' are over...and family members have all gone home...life must go on.
We've bills to pay...deadlines to meet...and, at times like this it seems heartless to say, life goes on.
Still we can't help but wish for, "just one more day".
This painting is currently for sale on eBay as a non-featured painting.
This is my last painting in the 'Paradise Lost' series.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bella's Bat

I decided to include this piece on my blog. I have been blogging about my 'Paradise Lost' series..but I do other pieces too.
I consider most of my paintings 'sad and surreal'...though I do sometimes do something "just for fun".
Given the season...I wanted to add a 'spooky' element to one of my paintings and decided on doing a bat.
This painting has sold.

Some Day...We'll See Each Other Again

The latest painting in my "Paradise Lost" series is a tribute to the life of someone very special to me.

Last week, she was hospitalized with several health issues...but doctors felt she should recover in a week or two.
This past Tuesday...she passed away.

I never saw her without a smile on her face...when she laughed, which was often, she laughed from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet...it was great.

I've known her all of my life...she was my mom's sister!

I will really miss her broad smile and hearty laugh! Her heart was good and pure. Her words, encouraging and loving.

Not surprisingly...at the very moment of her passing...she smiled!


This painting is currently for sale on eBay, relisted as a non featured painting.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

If You Leave....

This painting ...'If You Leave...What Will I Do'-----is yet another in the "Paradise Lost" series.
I received so many 'hand-outs'...booklets...and many letters on 'How to Cope with the Loss of a Loved One'.
I didn't open any of them...I honestly did not want to be told how I should be feeling. I knew how I felt and certainly did not want any advice on what I needed to do about those feelings.
Painting this particular series...at least for the time being...has done more to help me 'deal' with my feelings than anything else.
In this painting...the subject is watching the balloon...with her suitcase close at hand. I don't know where she is going...or if she is going anywhere at all...it was just how I was feeling at the moment.
This painting has sold.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Yesterday Is But A Dream...

I just listed this painting on eBay...to run five days.
"Yesterday Is But A Dream...Tomorrow's Yet Unborn".
These words are scratched into the painting...perhaps there is someone else out there who also needs to be reminded to live today....each day....one day at a time.
This painting has sold.

Wish You Were Here

All but one of my 'Paradise Lost' paintings....have a solitary white balloon. One from the 59...it is something I hold on to in my thoughts and dreams...one more year...if only I had one more year....
I really do 'Wish You Were Here'.
This painting has sold.

Trying To Get To You

Perhaps I will reach the 'stage of acceptance' one day...I'm not sure. If and when I do...maybe I'll be okay again...but until then...I do imagine life...like it used to be...

This painting sold in October.

Please Don't Leave

The 'love of my life' has gone on to a place that I can no longer hear, feel or depend on his wisdom to help me through another day.
It feels as though my heart has been pulled from my chest and I can't go on alone...it doesn't matter that I know he is gone...in my dreams he is here...and I don't want to wake...."I'm afraid he will leave again".
I have painted this series in a 'raw' technique...with drips (indicative of rain-or tears), textures, scraped paint..even the main subject is purposely vague....reflecting the exposure of my very soul.
I sold this painting in September.

59 Balloons

I find that I have difficulty 'telling the story behind the painting' when confined to a listing format. It seems that I can't really 'be myself...or something.
This is the first painting in a series I have titled "Paradise Lost". It is a series dedicated to the long process of healing. My own healing.
It is too difficult to lose someone you love...being together for more than thirty years. And the healing...even after a year it sometimes seems impossible.
So..I take the words of advice he gave to me..."paint your emotions".
Thus...the series..."Paradise Lost".
"59 Balloons"....one for each year of his life...all white...released to the heavens on the day he was buried.
I paint my emotions...trying to heal.
I sold this painting in September.

My first post.

This is my first post on this blog. While I am not new to blogging, this is my first 'painting' blog. I have enjoyed reading a lot of the painting blogs here and decided to go ahead and do yet another.

It will take a bit for me to get this blog completely set up...but, this is a start!

I do paint almost everyday...(I take Sundays off for family). Some of my paintings get listed on eBay, some go into galleries and others are commissions. So..I do stay busy.

This painting is entitled 'Beautiful Bald'. October is 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month'...and it was inspired by months of regular visits to chemotherapy. I was truly inspired at the bravery of those beautiful people literally 'fighting for their lives'....

The painting has been sold.