Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good-bye 2013

While I won't be sorry to see 2013 go...I learned a great deal this past year...
I have always 'failed to plan'...and there are those that say...
'fail to plan' and you 'plan to fail'....
there actually is some credence to this little saying....
so I've taken some steps to make 2014 a better year for me...
at the very least, I should know more about what's going on and why.
Here are a couple of the more 'notable' things that happened in my 2013...
1.  My 'Gothic Beauty' interview
2.  Started my series of  'Notorious' characters
3.  I learned "the hard way" to stay on top of my Etsy Shop....hoping that will be improved in 2014.

A couple of things I have planned for 2014...
1. Another two panel 'Alice in Wonderland' themed painting.
2. My first two panel 'Wizard of Oz' themed painting.
3. Some new 'Notorious characters'
4. Keeping my Etsy Shop 'relevant' to Etsy search....and new pieces coming shortly after the New Year.

I will do a better job of blogging and posting on FB as well!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Thinking ahead to next year

I've got all but one package packaged and shipped...I'll get the
last one out tomorrow or the next day.
It's been kind of an 'odd' year for me and my art business.
With the ongoing changes springing up on Etsy...it's been a challenge
just to try to keep up.  Keeping up with Etsy changes also takes a bit of a
toll on the time spent creating new pieces...so I need to start now and
think ahead to next year...
how to keep up with my creative work while trying to
keep up with Etsy changes.
Plenty to think about...for sure!