Thursday, April 28, 2011

When It Rains...

Well....I'm back up...
I've spent the last few days just
trying to answer all the emails and convos
that built up while my computer was in shop.

I had someone 'clean' up my get me by for the time being...
and before I could do anything with the computer
Skittles chewed through the cord.

She was real sneaky about it too!
Luckily she didn't electrocute herself!!!

It took me a bit to find a cord that would I'm back up...for now.

Right before my computer went into the shop...
my printer went down and I can't seem to get it up and operational...
so I'm going to have to invest in a new one
just to get my shipping labels printed.

I swear...sometimes...'when it pours'!!

I've listed a few new
'Zodiac Girls'
now I've got four more and I'll
have that series complete.

As soon as I get 'back on track' I'm hoping to get back
to my regular 'blogging'....and reading my favorites...
hopefully SOON!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Paintings and Prints

 Wizard of Oz - Emerald City
The Spirit Within

I've removed all of my mini prints and wearable art pieces
from my Etsy Shop.

I had a batch of mini prints go out late because we weren't able
to find the paper we use anywhere in town...
(that's a problem when you live in a smaller city.)

One of our regular suppliers ordered some for us...
but we had to wait for it to get here.

This is the third time we haven't been able to get
this paper, so I decided to pull all the mini prints...
I just can't 'deal' with upset buyers.

I was running into a similar problem with my wearable art pieces...
a couple of the suppliers I have regularly used
no longer have shops on Etsy...
and I haven't been 100% happy with some of the
new supplies.
The new suppliers have been very prompt and courteous...but
I didn't always quite get what I expected...and the descriptions
for those items were somewhat incomplete.

Anyway...I think I'll reserve these pieces for 
special holidays and only offer what I 
have's easier than making to order.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Week-Ends Off

I think I picked a good name for my puppy...Skittles.
The only thing that might have been better...'Onry'...
she's a little 'hand-full'.

I love her to pieces...but, she's most definitely a little

Given that I was already busy as could be...
with this little 'girl'...I'm even busier.

So...I decided I'm taking week-ends off...
doing very little online work.
With Statsky...I can schedule renews...which is soooo helpful and FREE!

Occasionally I go on long enough to relist anything that might have sold..
but I'm saving the convos/ emails
and other online work for week-days.

It was very helpful to be able to devote a lot of time
to Skittles over the week-end...
she'd taken to using my throw rugs as her 'potty pads'
and she lays on the unused potty pads.
We spent a lot of times outdoors over the week-end
and she had only one accident...
on one of my freshly washed throw rugs.

I will be soooo happy when the accidents are all in the past!!