Monday, April 23, 2012

Changes...all these changes!! seems JUST when I finally
figure something out...
someone goes ahead and changes
things on me!!

I was not going to post about 'changes' today...
until I logged into Blogger and found
it TOO had changed.

I'm sure I must have had prior 'warning'...but
I must have missed it.

No doubt I will eventually get used to the changes...
but like the other sites that have made
changes in the past year...

it seems like when I finally get used to the
'new way of doing things'
they change things up...again!!!

I was going to add a few tags and 'schedule' this post for later....
but I have no idea what happened to those features!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My very small work space

I just finished two large 
(for me and my work space they are large)
24" x 30"
commissioned paintings.

This size canvas takes up almost the entire dining room table...and I have
to set up card tables for paints, brushes..etc.

I'm very pleased that I was able to accomplish this..and let me tell you
it wasn't easy.
With my limited space, I can only work on one painting at a time...
then I have to find someplace safe to put it
until I can work on it again.

I only have one closet...and that one is a walk through clothes closet that I
share with my no room there.
Mostly...paintings are stored all over my bedroom...and when I get
to the point that I would have a problem walking there...I don't paint anymore
until I sell some of the older works.

You can see that I do all of my printing and painting in my dining room
and every other Sunday we have family day...
so things have to get put up
so they we can use it to eat a family meal at the table.

I'm not complaining...
when I moved to my last was because we were living
in a second floor apartment and with my
husband's failing health, he couldn't manage the stairs anymore.
that house was quite a bit pricier than this one...
but painting sales were really good at that time
and so it was no big deal.

Since things have gotten a bit 'tight' for everyone...
I had to make a choice to downsize too!

It's actually a cute little place...
and I am 'making it work'.

Of course, I do have to have sales a little more
often than I used the hopes of moving 
a few older paintings so that I have
room for new ones.

Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm finding all kinds of Fun Apps on Etsy

I hope this first little app shows up...I'm not exactly html proficient...
so I also included it on the sidebar. 
It's a cool little widget from Craft Cult that scrolls the items in my Etsy shop....
I thought it was very cool.

Another very cool app is the 'Etsy Theme Shop' for Facebook app.
 I've added this app to my Rustic Goth Facebook page
which is way more noticeable than the way it used to show up...
and the app gives you the option of
putting in a limited time discount
by going through Facebook...
I thought that was pretty cool.

And...I do use the 
app everyday for my daily renews,
as well as whenever I have a sale.
These use credits...which you have to buy...but lately
it has been worth the money, as it automatically
renews the items I have the intervals I want...
and I can do several days at a time, with only a couple of clicks.
It only costs me 5 credits a the renewal fees of course...
but it is fairly cheap...and I consider a source of advertising for my Shop.