Saturday, July 20, 2013

Reviving some old works

Both of the above images were digital paintings I did in my very early days
of  'painting with PhotoShop'.

"In the Field of Innocents" and "No Turning Back"

I am self taught in every style of art that I do...including PhotoShop.

The biggest problem I have is...that I tend to learn the 'hard way'.
Instead of viewing some tutorials that are probably out there on You Tube...I just taught myself
by trial and error.

Long story short...I had both these pieces listed and the image file 'safely' stored on my
computer until...horror of computer went down and I couldn't
retrieve any of my image files.

I've since started backing everything up on zip drives...but I had to pull both of these prints.

Over time I became better at digital work so when I ran across these pieces recently...
I decided to clean them up...back them up...and get them listed for sale once again.

You can find them in my Etsy Shop for now.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Christmas in July SALE

I am having a "Christmas in July" Sale in my 
as well as in my

I plan to run the Sale in both Shops for 10 days...the
Sale will end on July 22nd.

It's my intention to get down to only two or three sales a year
and this is one of those planned Sales.  

I'm offering some pendants in my Etsy Shop and when those are gone
I don't think I'll do any new ones.  It takes so long to put them's just
easier for me if I take those images to Zazzle and put them on pendants there.
It takes about as much time to put them there as it takes to do a listing on Etsy or ArtFire...
so when you consider the vast amount of time putting the pendants together...
trying to get decent photos...etc...
I'd be saving myself  TONS of time and think that's what I'll do.

In fact...I'm thinking...going forward I'm going to cut back to acrylic paintings 
(including the little ACEO paintings I do for eBay)
and digital original paintings and illustrations.
I'll continue to offer Scrabble Tile pendants...but that's it...and most of 
those will be offered on ArtFire.