Sunday, June 17, 2012

Making Some Tough Decisions

There are a lot of decisions one has to make
in the course of their life and a lot of those
are tough ones to make.
I think the tough ones are the hardest of all...
we tend to second guess ourselves...
is this the right decision?...
what if it's not?...
and on and on with all of those types of questions.

I've been thinking...for a while now...that I may
need to take my art in another direction.

For me...that's a tough decision...
thing is...
to be honest...
what I've been offering, while near and dear
to my heart...
it's just not going anywhere.

I wished I could afford to create art..."Just Because"...
I can't.

Since I have to depend on my sales to pay the bills...
if the art I'm creating is not selling as well as I need it to...
then it might be time to
go another direction.

Like I's a tough decision....
and it will be a gradual thing...
I'm considering letting Rustic Goth go...
at least on Etsy.

I'm going to have to take my art in another direction
and hope that once I've done that,
the sales will pick up and I'll be able to
pay my bills again.

In the meantime,
I will keep the Rustic Goth Zazzle shop and
I'll leave the Facebook page intact...
perhaps I will move some of
the pieces to Zibbet
or Bonanza...
I still haven't decided.



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wizard of Oz is copyrighted

The other day my emails started coming into my inbox like crazy...
my messenger was binging so often, it sounded like someone
was firing a toy machine gun.

They were all emails, from Zazzle, telling me that
some of my products (each product gets its own email notification)
were being pulled due to copyright infringement.
Each email was on a different 'Wizard of Oz' item.

Well...I fired emails right back demanding to know WHAT
copyright I was violating.
The book is in the public domain and the image
was created by me and I OWN the copyright.

This is a portion of the email I got back the next day...
"Unfortunately, your product was removed due to an infringement claim by 
 Warner Bros. Studios.  
While the artwork as you claim is original, 
the characters from the Wizard of Oz are currently 
property of Warner Bros.  
As a guideline, designs from the Wizard of Oz that are currently prohibited for sale 
on Zazzle’s Marketplace are:

•    All inspired artwork and character renderings from the Wizard of Oz
•    Quotes from the Wizard of Oz Franchise
•    All tags and descriptions that reference the Wizard of Oz"

It seems that 'because they own the movie rights...they somehow
managed to acquire some kind of copyright
'Wizard of Oz'
and any likenesses thereof...
no matter how different they are.

Who knew???

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Less is More

I was surprised to find how long it had been since my last post.
Suffice it to say...I have more on my plate than I'm
able to manage.

I have myself on so many sites...mainly because this is how I
make my living.
But...I think I'm beginning to learn that
'less is more'.

So...with that in mind...
over the next few days...
I will be closing several of my
online shops/sites.

I will...for sure...close
Bonanza and iCraft shops.
possibly my Rustic Goth Zibbet shop.

There's just not enough of 'me' to
go around.