Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Print Changes and Clearance SALE

I have made some changes to print sizes
in the Shop...
the only 5" x 7" prints I am leaving will be
my Creeper pieces and some of the
'storybook' prints...

My girls have all been 'bumped up' to 8" x 10" sizes.
I find that I personally prefer the 5"x7" sizes...I think I find them 'cuter'
in those sizes...
but the collectors prefer the larger 8" x 10"
I wanted to make those changes before the first of the year.
Depending on image quality...
unfortunately I didn't save the early Creeper painting pics
at large enough pixels to offer anything over a 5" x 7" print...
so those will stay the same...
or be retired.

But...with the exception of Large Limited Edition prints and a handful of mini prints...
I will no longer offer my art in both the 5" x 7" and 8" x 10"
for the same print,
it will be one or the other.

With this in mind...
any 5" x 7"s that had also been offered as 8" x 10"s
are now in my
for a very limited time, as
I want to clear this section by the first of the year.

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