Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Etsy Shop has reopened.

I was going to reopen my Etsy Shop on July 1st...
but I hurt my back during the move
and I really needed to stop trying to unpack...sort out...put up
and all of the things that go along with moving to a new home.

So...I opened it back up today.
Hopefully it will give me enough to do
so that I am okay with taking a little more time
to get everything
'just right'.

I don't have anything new just yet...maybe after the 4th of July.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I finally have Internet Installed...

It seems like it's been 'forever' since I've had
internet or cable TV.
I finally got the internet installed....YAY!!!....so I don't 
feel as isolated as I've felt pretty much this whole month.

TWC couldn't come out right away...due to getting backed up
over Memorial Day week-end...so..by the time
they could get here...
I'd already signed up for Direct TV for my Television
and so TWC got reduced to internet only.

But...it ended up being way cheaper in the long run
to go with the Direct TV over the TWC cable TV...
hopefully it will be as great as they say it is.

I'm still wading though a lot of boxes....the new place is much smaller...
and I threw my back out during the moving and unpacking...
right now I can hardly move and bending over is a whole other story.

So...it looks like the boxes aren't going to be all sorted out anytime soon.

I won't reopen my Etsy Shop until some time in July...
I really have to find and organize everything.
I can't believe how this move has kind of turned everything 'upside down'...
I'm having to find new places for all of my 'stuff'...which includes
all the 'stuff' I use in my Etsy business.

But...it IS coming together...slowly but surely!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I've moved but....

...I still don't have reliable internet service installed yet.

I've been in my new house for two weeks now and this is the first
time I've been able to connect to an unsecured wireless network in my
new neighborhood....
I didn't have that option at my old place.

Anyway...I called to have my service transferred
and was told I had to pay my bill completely...including the June bill
(I called in May)
before they could transfer service.....but, they said....
they'd continue to bill me at the old address.

Well....long story short...I have totally cancelled service
with them.
I'll be going with a new provider...

I've spent much of the last two weeks trying to resolve
the issue with TWC...as I've been with them since
evidently that doesn't count for anything.

I'm hoping the new provider will be much more reliable than
TWC has been...
keeping my fingers crossed and sending out a prayer or two.

In the meantime though...
I've placed my Etsy Shop on vacation...
Jaime tried to run her shop and mine...and found both
shops were being neglected.
(I posted a picture of her and her cat...'Crookshanks'.)

So...I decided it would be better for me to settle in
without having to worry about a lot of shipping...correspondence...etc.

I did decide to put a couple of my paintings
in the kids' eBay site...
jut to see what happened.

I don't really have to do anything..unless one or more of them sells.
We'll just have to see.