Friday, July 23, 2010

What "New" Things Can I Do?

I'm actually 'thinking ahead' to the fast approaching
Fall Season....usually a pretty
good time for Arts and Crafts Sales.
So...I've been mulling over what new
things I can do.

For myself I've done a couple of
'List' Covers...
one that is 'especially'
for my Shipping,
so that I know which list book to grab
just by looking at the design...
and they work GREAT!
I've designed them to fit the little 5" x 8"
yellow lined 'legal' pads...
with a deep back pocket to slip the cardboard back 
in to.
This keeps me from having to have some way of tying it in...
my early efforts had to be tied it to secure them in place.

Now...I'm wondering what else I can do with
unstretched canvas.
Maybe I need a 'stroll through the internet' to come up
with some ideas.


Dyche Designs said...

Wow, you're fired up. I need some of your energy. :0)

Aubrie said...

What about text book covers?

The Words Crafter said...

...or a cell phone pouch-unless you made a few approximate sizes for different types...coin purse? Totes! What about a drawstring pouch for books-the reading for pleasure kind? And, thinking of Aubrie's suggestion (way cool, btw) you know those folders with pockets on both sides? What about covers for them? Pencil/pen pouch?

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

A lot of interesting 'food for thought'...I'll be ordering more canvas soon...we'll see what new things I can come up with:)