Saturday, July 10, 2010

'The' Experiment son has a roll of unstretched primed canvas...
and I cut a chunk off so that I could
with a refillable 'journal'.

It needs some 'fine-tuning' but I think
it might just work out.

I used a 5" x 8" pad for my prototype...cut the canvas to size
and painted that up.
Then I made a 'pocket' of slip the cardboard
back in and stabilize the pad.
I used ribbon...because I didn't have any twine on hand
(I think I'd prefer twine..but we'll see)
secure the pad to the top of the 
'journal cover'.

After a couple coats of varnish...I'm all set to use
this for my
'to do' lists.

The front is a cute little creeper under a whimsical tree.
The back is a hedgehog pulling a heart on a string...
underneath which I've put my name...

I'm hoping my sewing machine can handle the canvas...
if so..
I can have a batch of them ready to go
in a week or two...


The Words Crafter said...

Sweet! What size paper will it ultimately hold? These would be great gifts...

ArtformTheHeart* said...

that looks fantastic, a really wonderful idea!!

cArLa said...

oooh that would be a perfect journal or sketchbook cover... even a album or a scrapbook... maybe a portfolio cover... the possibilities are endless!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

I want to experiment with different sized pads...or find some journal and sketch book papers...and offer these in a variety of sizes.
I am totally LOVING the one I did for myself. It's my 'prototype' see what I did wrong and ways to correct them and improve the design.
I'm using mine to 'house' my 'Rustic Goth "to do" List'