Monday, May 17, 2010

Shipping update...

I really 'hate' getting behind on shipping.  I swear...if I could afford it...I'd have 10 copies
of  each of my prints, all sleeved, filed and ready to go at a moment's notice.

I tried to have several copies of each print, when I first started offering them.
Needless to didn't work.
I was ALWAYS selling the prints that I didn't have
on hand...and the ones I did have on hand
just kind of 'sat' there.

So...then I decided to just keep on hand those prints that
WERE know what...they quit selling.
What the heck????

Since I couldn't really afford to 'waste' that much paper, ink
and time...I had to go to 'print to order'.
Only problem with that is...I don't have the printer at my house...
and, for some reason, our local suppliers tend to
be constantly running out of some of the
supplies essential to our keeping on top of timely shipping.

This different...back orders on some of
the inks necessary for our prints. would not believe how much ink we go through!

So...anyway...the ink got in on Saturday...but I didn't get my prints
until I'm in the middle of getting
my shipping all caught up!

I'm trying to send a little
something extra with those that are beyond the 10
business a 'thank you' for your patience...
and a 'sorry' it took so danged long.

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The Words Crafter said...

I know you're frustrated and I completely understand, but I got to tell you, I read your post with a smile. You sound so cute when you're ranting... :-D