Thursday, May 6, 2010

I LOVE my 'job'...but...

I LOVE my 'job' but...
there are days (and sometimes weeks)
that I really wished I could just
take a week or two off.

Why don't you? say.
Because...if I don't work..I don't make
what I need to pay my bills.

I have been thinking of
taking a couple weeks..that I don't take on
any special orders..
then...I'll post an announcement in my shop
that I am on vacation
and will fill orders AFTER I return.

Or..maybe I'll just hold on until
the Fouth of July week-end.
I really am going out of town that week-end..
kind of a mini-vacation with my
late husband's family.


Brian Blacknick said...

Bills! We've all got them. Still if you feel you need the break you may as well take it. The 4th of July is a long way off.

Aubrie said...

I'm always more in need of a vacation when spring and summer comes along. I don't know why. Anyways, good luck with taking time off. :)

Becky Z. said...

Bills, oh burdensome bills!! I've put in my request for that weekend off and I plan on ENJOYING it! Insurance benefits and paid time off ~ probably, really the only two things I TRULY miss from Corporate America! :)

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Yeah...I'm looking at my house get filthier and filthier...working all the time..getting behind..trying to catch up...

I do need a break SOON...if for no reason other than to 'clean my house'..god only knows what's lurking under all the clutter!