Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mailing List

Recently I've had several requests
to be added to my
'mailing list'.

I don't actually have a mailing list...
and as busy (and behind)
as I've been this past week...
I'm not sure I could keep up with one.

I'm not even sure what people do
with them.
So..for anyone who has asked
or wonders 'how to get on my mailing list'...
just check this blog..
I update one..or both..with any news,
sales, discounts...etc..
and so it seems that any kind of mailing list..
or newsletter..
would just be a 'repeat' of what I have there.


Dyche Designs said...

I've often wondered about a mailing list but came to the same conclusion that you did. There are so many online resources now to keep up with individuals work and they can get updates straight to their emails wth RSS Feeds.

Anonymous said...

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