Saturday, May 29, 2010

Final Thoughts on 'Killers'...

I have never actually 'known' known
any killers...
and even though my friend, E, did
kill her husband...
in talking to her..after the fact..she says she
couldn't even remember getting the gun or pulling the trigger..

I've only been in that state of mind once or twice in
my life...
where I didn't know what was going on in my own 'present'..
and that was in the days immediately following the
loss of my husband.

I was 'there' but I wasn't.

Apparently that is what was going on with E...but to think
that 'losing' it for one brief moment..can change
EVERYTHING in your life forever...
I just can't imagine it.

I 'almost' understand a fight that goes bad...
like Dave and Kenny experienced...
but hey...what started out a horrible accident gone bad...
ended up an 'unthinkable' cover up attempt..
that I don't understand. take life for 'sport'
in Danny's case..
goes so far beyond my comprehension..
I'm pretty sure I'll NEVER get that..
nor do I want to.

I've come to understand that
'there are really no "safe" places'.

I don't let my grandkids play out in my yard, without adult ANY time of day.
I won't 'let' any of my adult children work in overnight
convenience stores 
(though that has never been seriously considered by any of them).

I'm not frightened by things that may or may not
happen...heck, I live in 'tornado alley'
but I don't live in fear of tornadoes.

Of course, I do pay attention to the warnings...
which is why my grandkids don't play outside unsupervised..
and my kids don't work in convenience stores.


The Words Crafter said...

Wow, you touched on so many things...last night, after the wicked storm passed and I felt it was safe to get back on the 'puter, I made a blog list (you know, for when my brain freezes)...anyway, I'm gonna have to go into some murky territory soon...maybe this evening...I admire your strength and unwillingness to give up, and your honesty, openness, and courage...

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

My son and I were watching one of the 'crime' shows the other night and he said..."Do people really do that to other people?"
I reminded him about Danny..Dave and Kenny..
Yes...certain people really do those things to other people...I don't know why and I'll certainly never understand it...
I just want us to be 'aware' and 'alert'.
We can't trust in ways we used to...a sad, but true, fact.

Aubrie said...

That's very wise not to let your grandkids play unsupervised. My parents never let me cross the street and I used to think they were crazy, but not anymore. :)

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Yeah...already one or two of the grandkids have been 'approached' by strangers in cars, wanting directions...while waiting for rides from school.
Now they have to wait inside, if their parent is running late.