Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Killers I have 3

This is the last 'segment'...and one of the most difficult. has St Patrick connections too.

While we were staying at the Shelter, I decided to become a Catholic...
my husband was born and raised Catholic...
so the kids and I went though the classes, were baptized and confirmed
in 1986.
We LOVED St Patrick's parish.
And...we kind of 'claimed' our pew...the second one...right behind the
gal who ran the Shelter...and our large family pretty much filled up the whole pew
all by ourselves.
We sat directly in front of a lovely couple...
I'll just call them B and E...for the purposes of this telling...

We loved B and E...every single week...B would give each one of
the kids a silver dollar at the sign of peace...
it was 'their thing'.

My husband was looking to get into something besides a point in time...just due to some health issues that
had come up...
and E asked him if he would considering going to work for
her husband B. husband began working in the delivery of auto parts...
and he actually enjoyed it a lot.
It took him all over Southern Kentucky and Eastern Tennessee.
He loved praying the Rosary and the long drives
were very conducive to this.

Well...B was a really good egg...
when our car broke down..
B and E took my husband to Kentucky
and they came back with a wonderful little station wagon
just perfect for the family.
B took $10.00 a week out of my husband's check
for the car. hit our came B to the rescue...
at $5.00 a week.

Every Saturday my husband would work at the Warehouse
with B...just the two of them.
Gave them lots of time to get to know one another
on a more personal level..and they became really good friends.
E lived close to my youngest daughter's school...and on
several occasions I had to give her a call to pick
up my daughter when I was stuck at work.

So...the first week-end in July...1992...
my husband had taken that Saturday off because
we had committed to painting some
Ninja Turtles
with the faces cut children could put their faces there
and take pictures...for an upcoming carnival at Church.
We were running out of time and really needed to get them done.

About 3:00 that afternoon..we got a call from another
church member...B had been killed.

We immediately went to E's to see if there was anything she needed...
she was just like someone in a trance.

My husband was interviewed by the Nashville police and the FBI..
as were all of the other workers...
and especially because he almost always worked Saturdays
with B...

We helped E with funeral husband lined up the
pall bearers...and did one of the readings at the services.

A couple of days after the funeral...we learned that E had
turned herself into the police.
She had killed B.

They'd been married for over 25 years, had one daughter and
several granddaughters.
But...while talking to E a few weeks later...I guess none of us
knew what B was like behind closed doors.

Apparently B had told E that he wanted her to be moved out of their
home before he got home from work that Saturday...and she 'snapped'.

This one really hit us and our parish very hard.
It was hard for us not to love B...he was good to all of us...
but we couldn't judge E...
she was a wonderful friend to us as well.

She ended up losing her home and all of that...but her
daughter and granddaughters stood beside her.
She went to prison for manslaughter...
I guess she had endured some twenty years of severe mental
and emotional they considered that
at her trial.
My prayers still go out to all of them
including B.
I've never stopped loving either one of them.

Thank God..these are the only killings that have ever directly and indirectly
affected my life...
and I hope and pray they are the last!


The Words Crafter said...

That's just so sad....

Case said...

I just finished reading this series in your blog. Very mind blowing and intense. I also hope that you no longer have murder and violence seep into your life.

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

I hope my life is never again touched by such madness.
Life is just too short and too precious to deal with all of this.