Sunday, June 29, 2008

A week-end...without rain???

I'm pretty much tired of the rain...and it has rained, part of, every week-end for the last month or least it seems so.
I need the's just so hard for me to see what I'm doing with all of the artifical lighting in my studio and my home. I have to be able to do the basics when the sun is out and shining brightly through the windows in my studio.
Another problem, with all of the's started raining in my bedroom...and has soaked my bed. True, the day it rained several inches in less than an hour...backed up in my rain gutters and ran in under the edge of the roof...came through my bedroom ceiling...into my light fixture and all over my bed, I didn't catch it in time to keep it from getting soaked. Now...whenever it rains hard...I grab the shower curtain I had bought to replace my old one and throw it over my mattress is still pretty new and I really don't want it ruined.
I need it to dry out for at least a week, so my son in law can see if he can fix the problem with the roof...or figure out a way to divert the rain so it doesn't come into my bedroom.

So anyway...I did get 'off track a bit'...I'm looking forward to a week-end without I can really get to work and see how much I can accomplish. I really need to get quite a bit done for my Rustic Goth Shop, as well as for my CMZ Art Shop.

Next week is looking to be a busy week. We've got the Fourth coming up...I've got some personal projects I really need to finish. Jaime and I bought a 'hoopty' ...and it will need to be insured and we can put it to good use. I'll have to have John (my trusty son in law) do a bit of work to that it is good and mechanically sound. I don't care if a car looks great..but it has to run great!!


judypatooote said...

Rain, Rain go away...yes I can say the same thing....this has been a really weard June.... I hope your bed dries out..... judy

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Thanks so much for your really has been a wierd June...I'm ALL for rain, in the usual patterns and amounts...but, this has just been too much!
Thanks to my quick thinking...and the recent purchase of a new shower bed seems to be not too worse for wear...there's a diaper sized stain (from the icky roof/ceiling tainted rain water)...but, I'll have my son in law steam clean that..once I'm sure we'll have a couple of rain free weeks.
I just feel bad that the grandchildren haven't been able to go out much this's either raining or muddy from the'd be great to let them loose (run off a little of the 'stuck in the house too long' energy!)