Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Watch COPS..

I confess...I watch COPS...three or four times a week..on Fox, on Court TV, on Tivo....I'm not sure why I watch it--but, in my defense, most of the time it is just 'background' noise, so that I can concentrate while I write my blogs, send my business emails, do my listings, etc...I have to have some husband called it...'constructive noise'...different than the noises that come from different parts of my house, or the sounds of cars racing up and down the block, or dogs barking at imagined intruders.

If I have a lot of work to do on the computer, and COPS is just TOO interesting, I have to turn it to the Weather Channel...I mean, ...honestly, much weather can a person really get interested in...? It works, just like COPS, great 'constructive noise'. I cannot watch any of the programs I regularly follow like; Saving Grace, the Closer, Lost, Prison Break, any of the 'CSIs'...and way to many others....and I also cannot watch 'disaster' shows like; 'Storm Chasers' or 'Seconds From Disaster'....I tend to watch more and work I'm better off not turning them on at all.

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