Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Couple New Digital Pieces....

I'm going to be listing a couple of new digital originals in my shop in the next day or two...either late Thursday or Friday.

The first the first in my 'Grimms Fairy Tales' digital series...and it is titled..."The Girl Without Hands" is an excerpt from that tale...

So he went to the girl and said, my child, if I do not cut off both your hands, the devil will carry me away, and in my terror I have promised to do it. Help me in my need, and forgive me the harm I do you. She replied, dear father, do with me what you will, I am your child. Thereupon she laid down both her hands, and let them be cut off.

The second piece....( still untitled ) was started, after I ran across the lyrics of an Evanescence song...

Field of Innocence

I still remember the world

From the eyes of a child

Slowly those feelings

Were clouded by what I know now

Where has my heart gone

An uneven trade for the real world

Oh I... I want to go back to

Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all kind of took on a 'life of it's own'...and didn't really stay within the 'perimeters' of the lyrics...but, I like I let it 'do it's own thing'.