Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just What I Need

It's Tuesday morning and all is quiet...for now! I've got a delicious cup of steaming hot coffee and just turned the weather channel on, hoping we don't get too much more rain.

(Last week it was raining in my bedroom...from the ceiling..yikes!! My bed was absolutely soaked, the light fixture was filled with water and the tornado sirens were blaring for well over an hour!)
I can do without any more of that kind of weather...but, it still isn't as bad as what the poor folks in Iowa are going through right now!

For now though, I am just 'taking in the quiet'...before too long I'll have my two youngest grandkids...toddlers...seeing how much they can get in to, before I turn on 'Dora' or 'Backyardigans'.
But, in the meantime...the coffee is... 'just what I need'!

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