Friday, June 6, 2008

Admittedly A Few Birds Did Act Strange


Size: 6" x 8"

Media: Original Digital Art Print (Only One Will Be Printed)

Date: 2008
This is my first digital art print that I intend to be a "one of a kind" original art print. I spend a lot of time .... way more time than I spend on a painting .... creating an original digital art creation. I really do like my digital pieces...but, I'm a little 'O.C.D'...and I really don't want to list more than 65 to 75 items in my shop at any given time...and of those...I want a certain number to be ACEOs...Paintings...Open Edition Prints...Prints of My Paintings...etc.
My newest shop category is "Digital One Of A Kind" ... I plan to keep about 5 'one of a kinds' in my shop as often as possible.

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Tavia said...

You write very well.