Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Melancholy Dwelling

Jaime Best has a shop on Zibbet

I really love Jaime's art...it is so
vibrant and beautiful...
especially in person.

Forget that I am somewhat prejudiced...of course I am..
but I am being completely unbiased when I
brag on this girl's talent...
her style really is uniquely her own.

I'm giving her a bit of a 'plug'...
she's going to be the Featured Seller on Zibbet
this week...
and I'm hoping she gets a lot of 'love' from my friends and readers.

Her interview speaks volumes about the kind of person she is.

Here's a link to her blog..
and to a really cool website she's put together
for her (and her husband's)


Dyche Designs said...

I love her work too, especially the way she creates the trees. There's defininetly some amazing artistic ability in this family. :0)

Aubrie said...

This picture is beautiful. I love how the trees bend to almost shape a heart. Great colors!