Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting All Caught Up

I think I've said before that I'm a little
about a number of things...and shipping is high on my list
of things that I 'obsess' about.

I had to go to weekly shipping....because I found, especially if I've
had a really good week...
that I could get caught up in shipping and let other things...
like creating new pieces..
fall by the way side.

So...I'm okay with weekly shipping...UNTIL...I have what happened
this past week...
We ran out of ink for the prints...we really do go through that stuff...and it's
definitely not cheap...
but..on occasion our local supply is out of one or more of the colors we need...

Anyway...we are finally back on track...I have
all but two orders SHIPPED.

The two orders that are left will go out on
Monday or Tuesday..
(I'm making an 'exception'..because of the ink situation..
and shipping twice this next week.)

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