Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Art Licensing

I've been working so hard...
I've got just a few things to finish on my last
commissioned painting..
I am 'shooting' for the end of the week to have
it completely done.

Since it is an oil painting, it will probably be another two weeks before I can
mail it...I'm hoping it doesn't rain too much so it will dry quickly.

When I'm not working on the commissioned piece,
I have been drawing out some very NEW character pieces...
I'm hoping to have them listed in the shop
by the week-end.

And, I'm 'studying' up on everything I can find..
at no cost..
about art licensing.
I've plans to license some of my
Rustic Goth art,
beginning with my 'Melancholy Girls'.


Brian said...

Good luck with your licensing endeavor. I've tried to do some "free" research on the subject as well, but too often find myself easily distracted with creating instead of researching. Please keep us updated on your licensing progress.

Thanks - Brian

Demon Doll Maker said...

Oh wow that sounds wonderful on the license front I hope everything works out and the the new character pieces can't wait to see them :D

About the Etsy thing thank you for letting me know and so sorry to hear about Ebay that bites but it all works out for the best.