Saturday, March 6, 2010 woes!

This little cartoon
is rather cute...
now..I wasn't nearly as 'cute' while
on the phone with the Tech Guys at Time Warner Cable
on Wednesday last.

I had actually checked my email and my shop
per my usual "have my coffee/wake up" routine..
and all seemed just fine.
Then, I clicked on a page in my shop
and a "letter" from Road Runner
popped up to inform me that I would need to 'secure'
my computer due to 'suspicious activity'
from a computer connected to my modem.

Long story short...and an entire afternoon and evening
doing spyware and virus scans..
deleting anything I didn't think I needed...
putting all of the files I didn't want to lose on my zipdrive...
I still ended up having to send my computer in
to have it restored to factory settings.

Now...I have a whole other set of problems....
I'm trying very 'patiently' to work through them.

Hopefully no one got 'flooded' with bogus
emails from me..
as a result of the 'suspicious activity'.

The last time this happened,
I got an email from my own email address
trying to sell me 'viagra'.


the art of graphite said...

I sympathise, I really know the feeling, but email from myself promoting viagra I've never had,haha. I hope no more computer problems for you. Have spent the last couple of hours going through your blog, love it and your art.

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

I never like to feel too 'secure'...but it's been a month or two since I've had any weirdness..hopefully that streak 'continues'.