Monday, March 22, 2010

Little Things Please Me...

I've gotten busy enough that I have
to write myself notes and all kinds of little
reminders to 'remind' me of what all I need to do.

I made some changes to shipping a while back..
(I only ship once a week)
so that I could make the time to get
all the things done that I need to
in the course of doing business online...
and I've done a few other things
to organize and streamline...

but there are a few things that have been
'added' to my workload
that I haven't yet made part of my daily routines...

and I just discovered
that I can set up a
'Yahoo Reminder'..
through my Yahoo calendar..
and it will send me an email of what it
is I need 'reminded' of... cool is that...
okay...this is probably not a new thing to most people..
but it is to me...
and it pleases me to no end:)

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