Friday, March 19, 2010

For LOST Fans...

I have watched LOST since the very beginning...
I watch it with, at least one of my children.
But...we're all fans...and it's something we discuss,
even if only for a few minutes,
whenever we get together..
they have this 
'Fan Promo Video'
going on at the ABC Lost Website
and my daughter
and my son in law..
each made a 
LOST Fan Promo Video...

please take a look..
and if you like them..
give them a rating...
they really would appreciate it..
even if they don't win..
everybody likes to get a "thumbs up"
from time to time...

here are the links to the videos...



Aubrie said...

I'm a big fan of Lost (never missed an episode.) Anyways, I loved their promos and rated both of them 5 stars.

The first one highlights the relationship between Locke and Ben, which has been interesting. And the second one has a lot of action in it.


Good job!

Jonaflormicfren said...


Sandra Evertson said...

Love your paintings!
Sandra Evertson