Monday, March 29, 2010

I Keep Changing Banners

I've used each one of these banners
for my Etsy Shop banner 
at some point this past month.

What I'm trying to do is establish
some kind of 'identity'
for my Rustic Goth art. art styles are so varied 
there are times I feel borderline
Before I lost my husband..I did very little
'dark' art...
The first two or three years
after... I did very little 'light'
but..this past year my dark art has
gotten lighter and lighter...
I guess I've reached the
'acceptance' stage.

I don't want to do away with
my different styles...
I have fun doing them all..
but I do need to find 'homes' for all of them
and that's what I'm working on now.


Aubrie said...

I like all of them, but the purple and gold colored ones catch my attention the most. :)

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Thanks Aubrie...those are my favorites as well...
I thought I'd try the minimal ones...but I'm not as big a 'fan'.

Case said...

I completely empathize with you on having so many different styles. I have too many ideas & projects running around in my head & they all want to be represented in different formats! I have trouble deciding if I should do two different etsy shops--one for painting/illustrations and one for handmade goods. But then I feel that wouldn't be properly representing myself. I merely love creating and it's all art to me!
I would say have some banner options and whatever fits your motif and/or mood when you're adding new items to your etsy use the accompanying banner.

Brian said...

Just my two cents, but I really like the top one (the one currently on this blog site). Love the color as well as the art!