Thursday, September 2, 2010

A 'different' kind of Sale

My Shop is back up and I am almost
current with my Shipping...

I still have my paintings and Large Prints
left to Ship....but I'm hoping that I can get those out tomorrow.

I'm leaving my 'Vacation' banner and avatar up
until then...
in case I end up getting too much
activity and have to go back on a 'brief vacation' again.

I'm 'bound and determined' to get 100% caught up with my
shipping...(I'm completely caught up with my Commissions)
before I feel 'comfortable' with where I am at.

I like to find a good Sale...
so I guess that's why I tend to
have as many as I do.

This 'Sale' is a bit different.
First...all Standard Sized Prints
...the 5" x 7" and the 8" x 10" prints...
have been discounted by 25%.

THEN....I'm having a 'secondary' sale...
Buy 2 Prints and Get 2 Prints FREE...
This puts my prints at their lowest price yet...
it works out to $6.00 Each.

The Buy 2 Get 2 Sale will be for a
limited time ONLY!

And....the Sale in my Zibbet Shop does end later this evening!

1 comment:

ArtformTheHeart* said...

You are really tempting me!! And I'll hopefully be in the USA in a few weeks time so wouldn't have to worry over international shipping! So, as much as money is tight right now, I may not be able to resist your work much longer, lol.