Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sale through August 28th

I was almost finished putting my 48 hour Sale in my Shop
when my computer went down.

The Sale was supposed to end on the 14th...
well..guess's been extended to the 28th...
So..a two plus week '48 hour' Sale...
that's 'different'. takes me somewhere around 3 hours to put a Sale in
and to take one out.

I couldn't ask Jaime to spend that much time on working my Shop...
she was already doing my listing..corresponding..etc.
I wasn't sure how long I would be without my computer until about the 5th day... I have so much shipping and catching up that HAS to take
priority...that I'm not going to be doing much else.

My birthday is the it just seemed like a good date to schedule
the last day of All of the Sales.
I'll be ending my Summer Print Clearance Sale
and my '48 Hour' Sale 
on Saturday...August 28th.

Hopefully I'll be caught up to the point that I can start back on the
new paintings I want to do.
I've already sold a number of the new paintings I was able
to paint during the time my computer has been out of commission...
and I am so very anxious to keep painting more!

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The Words Crafter said...

Happy upcoming Birthday!!!!!