Monday, August 23, 2010

A bit of a Set Back

Losing my computer...during a Sale...isn't good.
It's created a bit of a 'set back' for all that I had
planned to get accomplished during this time.

Normally, I do only ship once or twice a week...but
I'm usually getting everything all packaged and ready to go.
I'll be all caught up by the end of the week...
but I'll have to put everything else 'on hold' until I am.
I still have to do my Joey the Bat painting...
(those pictures went down with my computer)
so that may be the only painting I work on during the week.

For now...I'm not going to post until I am caught up...
except little updates on my Facebook Page.

A little 'side-note'...
one of my digital collage pieces
was selected as the EBSQ Art of the Day yesterday!


Nay said...

Hi. I just purchased two of your items on etsy. I love your work. You are so talented!

Just wanted to say that and that I am now following your blog.


The Words Crafter said...

The Cleopatra print is fantastic! Congrats on being selected and I hope your computer woes go away really soon.