Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prints and Bookmarks Ending Today

Here's a list of the prints and bookmarks
I am pulling later today...
(I did post this on my Facebook Monday...
which is when I actually wrote this blog...
so some of the pieces are already 

I've listed these pieces as
"Ending Soon Sale"

here's the list...

Apple in Winter print
For the Birds print
Alice and the White Rabbit print
Snow White and the Evil Queen print
The Bee Keeper Print
Rainy Days and Mondays print
One Fine Day print
It's Raining Again print
In the Air Tonight print
My Heart Goes Out print

For the Birds bookmark
I Can't Believe it Got Away bookmark
It's Raining Again bookmark
The Bee Keeper bookmark
A Distant Look bookmark

I'll be 'clearing' more pieces from my shop
 next week...
I'll post that new list when I've
decided which pieces
I'll be ending.

(I'll try to 'update' this list as pieces are sold.)
The items on the list that are 'crossed out'
have been sold.

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