Sunday, June 13, 2010

If you are seeing this... means my cable is still down.

I've seen this message far too many times...
and the 'kicker' was losing it during the week-end of the
Lost finale.

Course...even though I called and was told that 10 homes in
my area were down..
the cable guy that came to fix my service...
had to do something with the connection on my house..
and said he hadn't heard of anyone else being down.

Not sure why the Tech folks would tell me one thing...
after checking whatever it is that they check...
and the cable guy tell me something else.

He also assured me at that time...that the fix was only
so if I'm still 'down'
I hope this is the last time.

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The Words Crafter said...

Man, that stinks! My husband used to work for one of the two big dish companies and we learned that a. sometimes contractors are used and many of them can be very unreliable and b. even some of the regular people can be unreliable...I hope it's back up asap for you!