Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cleaning House

Well...I have been
'cleaning house'.
Not literally...though I really..really should...
with my art.

While the internet was down...
I made some decisions.
One of those was to clean out my

Make room for new pieces.

Usually when I do this...I just pull the pieces
I decide to retire...and that is that.
This time...I decided to..instead..put in the
'Ending Soon Sale' Section.

That would let anyone...who might be interested..
know that I was fixing to pull specific pieces.
By pricing them a bit lower..
and not relisting when sold..
it kind of just
takes care of itself.

I'll continue to do this until the Shop
is exactly where I want it to be.
Some of the pieces may disappear and then
I have some pieces that I really like to
put on during Halloween...
but I don't want to keep them in year round
like I have been.

Anyway...once I'm done 
cleaning house with the Shop...
I really do need to think about
cleaning house
for real.


The Words Crafter said...

It's fun, a little sad (and very time consuming) to clean stuff off my computer...but it's nice afterward. And it gives me an excuse to put new things there...but house cleaning-I really wish I could afford to pay someone!!! Good luck!

Aubrie said...

Good luck with you cleaning! Those are all wonderful paintings up there. I especially like the Ides of March one.