Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just in case..

This is the last of my
'scheduled' posts...so if you are reading this..
my internet is still down
(or I am 'buried' in a bunch of internet work
that accumulated while it was down.)

Just know that I have (hopefully) been able to get
a lot of new pieces painted.

I got some frames at the Yard Sale across the street
last week and I wanted to get them all painted and varnished
and do some pieces
especially for those frames...

My computer...and my zipdrive...needed my attention
so I definitely got those all cleaned up...
to make room for new pieces.

If you are reading this...
I am hoping the cable problems are being resolved
and I will finally have internet access
without the hassles.

1 comment:

The Words Crafter said...

see, and I thought you were already up and running! I hope all your internet/computer issues are over and done with-I can imagine what a headache it's been for you! Curious and excited about the new pieces!