Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Got One Done

Here is the first painting in my series
"The Creepers Carnival"

This piece is titled...
'Conjoined Twins"

I was able to get the backgrounds and sketches done
on 4 Carnival pieces,
1 Alice in Wonderland piece
and a 'regular' Creeper piece.
So...I've got a lot of painting to get done in the coming days.

There's a lovely elderly gentleman who lives across the street.
To keep himself busy he attends a lot of the
estate auctions in the area.
Then a couple week-ends a month...he has a 
yard sale.

Jaime and I wandered over there this past Sunday
and I scored several frames to use
with some of the canvas sheet,
watercolor and acrylic papers
I like to use for some of my paintings.
So...I want to get the frames all repainted
and paint some pieces that will fit into these frames.

So...it looks like I have a really busy week ahead of me.


ArtformTheHeart* said...

this is a great painting, very inspired.

BlacknickSculpture said...

That came out sharp! I like how the twins are framed by the stage curtain.

Is that a hedgehog one of them is holding?

Aubrie said...

I love it! It's endearing how the twins have animal friends just like them. :)

Coconut Butterfly said...

I think this picture is great! I cant wait to see your other pieces :)

The Words Crafter said...

They're completely adorable! Any you've included their friends-how sweet!

cArLa said...

love how they are all conjoined! can't wait to see more! xo,carla