Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coming Soon

We are almost done with a new batch
'wearable art' pendants.
We're doing most of them for this next
week-end's show...
I plan to list a few
in my shop...

I'll be listing those
later this week...or early next week.

Also...on the way...I've finally ordered
a new batch of
pocket mirrors.
I ordered half of the mirrors
for the show
and the other half...
for the shop.
Those will be listed,
by the week-end.

The shop listings
depend on how far behind
I am at getting
everything ready for the show...
not to mention
the commission painting I'm
working on at the same time.

So sorry...I failed to mention WHAT show
we will be doing this week-end...
It's the
"Seasons of Crafts"
at the
Lancaster Event Center.

If you click directly onto the
show...you can get a map if you need one.
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lunardancer said...

The wearable art pendants are so hot! They are a real conversational piece, a perfect accessory that deviates from standard jewellery designs available these days.

website design said...

this is really nice., looks really good

Demon Doll Maker said...

That is a very beautiful pendent. Never seen those ones around. With your art it makes it more creepy I LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I've missed it, but what show are you going to be in this weekend?