Friday, October 23, 2009

'Black Widow' A.K.A. "First Snow"

"Black Widow"

Greenpixey left me a comment

"When will the "first snow" picture be listed on your etsy shop?

I'm considering purchasing it and cant find it for sale :)"

and I thought I would write a quick post
about this piece...

I listed a 'revised' version of
"First Snow"
that I titled "Black Widow"
in my
Rustic Goth Shop.

I never did list the


'First Snow'!

I did save the original version

if you prefer 'First Snow'
'Black Widow'...

you can get it
right here.

It's a 5" x 7" print

(just like the ones listed in my Etsy Shop)

For convenience...

I have added a 'drop down' option

to the PayPal button...

that include price with shipping to

US...Canada...and Everywhere Else.

"First Snow"

5x7 Print with Shipping


Greenpixey said...

Yeay, thank you x
I tried the paypal link to purchase it but there seem to be a fault (I end up on my own paypal account). See if you can fix and I'll try again :)

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

So sorry....I missed part of the code. It's fixed now....thanks so much!!

Greenpixey said...


Carol Mae said...

Your Art work is just beautiful, I could not stand it any more, I just purchased "KEEPER OF THE KEYS" print. Can't wait to get it.
I also love your blog, I have a link on my blog for yours.
Keep doing your great art work.
Many hugs and thanks much, Carol