Thursday, October 8, 2009

A preview of some new 'stuff'.

Here's a new
'Red Riding Hood'
and a new
'Alice in Wonderland'.

I'm taking these to the show...
since I don't really have
time to list them
I suspect they'll probably sell at the show...
you never know.
(It's supposed to snow this week-end....I hope not!)

Here's my lovely
'Resting' a 'wearable art pendant.'
This is going to the show
as well...
check the shop next week though...
I am saving back a few pieces...
our pendants sold very well
at the last show...
and we've got a number of folks that have
committed to coming to this next
just for the "wearable art".

The first "Ophelia" mirrors...
this print really came out quite exquisite...
and it IS in the shop.

My 'Twilight' mirror...
also another 'first'...isn't in the shop yet...
but I'll try to get it in
before the week-end.

I've got more mirrors and a couple other
art pendants pictured
on Flickr.
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