Friday, October 23, 2009

Does Anybody Know What Will Happen???

I am..with I am
with cars.
As long as my car has gas in it...I think I am
'good to go'.
And this is knowing that a car also needs
oil, water and oh so many other things...
perhaps this is why I don't have a car
at the moment!
My poor computer is really on it's last leg...
it has been suggested that I try..
restoring it to factory settings.
I know that I will lose all of my pictures...etc.
if Ido this...
does anybody know what will happen to the
pictures I've uploaded on
my blogs...
and the many...many...many...
different sites that I am part of????
Before I do anything so 'drastic' as
a 'factory restore'
I need to be sure that my pictures
will not just 'disapperar'.
if anybody can help...
I would so greatly appreciate it!

1 comment:

Demon Doll Maker said...

Anything that you upload to a site, forum, blog, image hosting site or anything else on the internet will not be effected by anything you do on your computer.

If you are worried about loosing your photos the easy thing to do is download winrar from create an archive of your pictures and upload them somewhere on the internet(most internet providers such as at&t or comcast give you file storage space that you can upload to). Then after you reset your computer you just download the files back to your computer and you don't have tow worry about loosing anything.