Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Was Going to Have a 'Me' Day....

...but I ended up painting instead.

I remembered back to my 'eBay days'...most of my paintings were smaller ones...
because I've never had a home with walls that would actually hold a lot of the larger
canvas paintings that I do like so much.

That doesn't mean I never paint larger or multi canvas pieces...I do on occasion.
But...I like to keep those little spaces that just 'need' that something extra in mind.

I like painting on watercolor or acrylic paper...and on those scrap canvas pieces left over
from the art covers...(I'm really not much of a 'waster').

Then, I love to mat and frame these smaller pieces in larger give them a little more 'flair'. For some reason I really like to frame a 4" x 6" painting in an 11" x 14" frame. I once saw someone do that with a postcard collection they had matted and framed. It so impressed me that I could have original 'small' art on my little walls in frames that actually drew the eye to the art.

So I spent my Saturday, painting several little abstract landscapes, with the silhouette trees I like to do...
I will be offering them 'unframed' with the option of getting them matted and framed before shipping...for extra of course.

I know I'm constantly having to 'pull' some of the older pieces to make room for the newer ones...(in an effort to keep my Etsy Shop listings to only 175)...and rather than retire all of those pieces, I'm putting them in one of my other shops for now.

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Dyche Designs said...

Putting smaller artwork in a large frame really does make an impact. Have fun with your new creations.