Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sorry Is The Saddest Word

This is one of my
'Melancholy Girls'
and is titled...
"Sorry Is The Saddest Word"

I created this illustration
in the aftermath of what has happened
in Haiti.

I had been considering doing one piece
each month,
specifically to send money for
charitable purposes,
for quite some time.

Having read the 'do's and don'ts'  on Etsy..
concerning selling for charitable purposes..
I'm still unclear of the rules there.
So...I simply decided to do
one piece each month...
so that I could give part of each sale
to a specific charity.

"Sorry Is the Saddest Word"
is my
January illustration.
And..January's charity is the
Red Cross.

I'm doing it this way...with the month in the title...
so that I can send to that organization
for each of the prints that I sale..
as long as the print is available.

I used to do this on eBay and they were
going through
it was really easy to do it that way,
as eBay would immediately take the percentage
designated when the sale was made
and send it directly to MissionFish...
to go to the specified charity.

Since Etsy doesn't do this...it's just easier
for me to 'spot the month'
in the title..
and upon the receipt of payment..
just go to PayPal
and send the funds directly to Red Cross.


Crimsonsilk said...

That's such a wonderful idea... and your paintings are gorgeous! :)

Lisa said...

eBay Giving Works has created a campaign to highlight organization's providing relief in Haiti and the sellers supporting them. You can see it at www.ebay.com/haitiearthquake.

Even if you can't list your charitable paintings on eBay you can make your donation to the Red Cross through eBay's Donate Now function - they are currently covering all processing costs so 100% reaches the nonprofit! All you need is a PayPal account which you've already got :)

Jo said...

What a great idea!
And the Red Cross is such an amazing organization!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Thanks for your helpful and flattering comments. I really do appreciate them.

I found this link, http://cornhuskerredcross.org/index.php?pr=Donate_Online

which is to my local Red Cross Chapter..but gives me the option to donate to the Disaster Funds, etc.

Since this will be an ongoing donation...dependent of course on sales of this piece...I will be able to make ongoing donations through this link..each time one of these prints sell..for as long as I have the print listed. Hopefully a LONG time.

The February illustration's charity will be "Save The Children"...

My June illustration will focus on cancer..
October on Breast Cancer.

I'm in the process now of researching some of the causes I am most passionate about, in selecting a new program for each month.

Hopefully this explanation of what I'm doing isn't too confusing.