Thursday, January 14, 2010

EBSQ Portfolio

I have 53 pages of art listed in my

It dates back to 2004...
occasionally I go out and see what
different kinds of art I have enjoyed doing the past
five years...
sometimes I am quite proud...other times I am
slightly horrified...(what was I thinking?)

The portfolio is quite revealing as to
when I was on eBay...
when I started on Etsy..

it is somewhat interesting...I think.

Since I am so very busy online...I haven't always taken
the time I probably should have
to really 'investigate' all of the sites I am a part of...
I only recently discovered
that I could have offered my pieces
for Sale on EBSQ.
Who knew?

So..I've started adding PayPal buttons to my recent
It's going to take weeks for me to go
through my entire portfolio
(we're talking more than a thousand pieces)
to decide which pieces will be
offered and which will not...
I think it might be fun...
lots of work..

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