Saturday, January 9, 2010

International Shipping Changes

I guess it wouldn't be a 'normal'
Holiday Season
without packages that were supposed to
arrive in time for Christmas..
but still haven't.

Every year I've had the same issues...
you'd think I'd learn.

I've always wanted to ship as economically
as possible..and it seems to be
okay to do this in the US...
not so much with my international packages.

Here it is...almost a third of the way
through January
and packages that were shipped
to international destinations during the
first week of December
still have NOT arrived.

So...I decided,
lest I forget during the next Holiday Season,
to change my shipping policies for
International Packages.

I've switched the international shipping
prints and canvas sheet originals
International Priority Flat Rate Shipping.

This was my least expensive option
and it does raise the rates to double what they were..
but it is supposed to cut the
delivery time, at least, by half as long.

I do pride myself on prompt shipping
and I've been so very upset with all of the
delays endured by my international friends.
I am so hoping those delays are now behind us.

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