Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Artfire Rustic Goth Shop

Okay...this is a little 'different' for me...
and I'm sure you are wondering
"what the heck"???

I opened an Artfire Rustic Goth Shop
a while back...
then I decided it just didn't make
sense to have similar items
in two separate shops.

Well...I'd already signed up as
'Rustic Goth'
and besides that...
I like that name...

it occurred to me that I've
been wanting to do
'digital supplies'
(for lack of a better term)
for quite some time.

What I'm doing is
putting up some digital backgrounds...
downloadable cards...
a lot of art from both
Rustic Goth and CMZart
that have been 'retired'..
and offering them for sale
as digital downloads
 in my

I don't have a lot of pieces listed
but check it out to see what it
is that I'm doing there.


Demon Doll Maker said...
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Dyche Designs said...

Good luck with the new additions, I love your work and get so much pleasure from the prints I purchased from you. :0)

Happy New Year